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This is a handmade Obsidian Needle Wind Chime. The long thin formations dangle to create a gentle and delicate tones.  This magical piece measures approx. 9" x 9".

Wind Chime Made from Obsidian Volcanic Glass

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Obsidian Needles are volcanic glass that is rich in silica and are formed by the very rapid cooling of viscous acid lava. Obsidian needles are a naturally occurring fracture. Native Americans used these “needles” for leather work tools, hunting weapons, and cutting utensils. Obsidian is considered to be one of the main protection stones by many of the Native American tribes. The needles produce a variance of unique and peaceful sounds depending on the thickness, length and number of chimes.

    Metaphysical properties: Strength, vitality. Stimulates growth of both the physical and spiritual. Removes energy blockages and relieves tension.

    We recommend hanging this in a sheltered place with a gentle breeze or indoors. Obsidian is natural glass and must be treated as such.

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